Per Zennstrom

Per Zennstrom

Per Zennström​ is a fashion photographer & filmmaker, online publisher & teacher, exploring the intersection of photography, fashion, pop culture, new media, technology and the space where they meet, mix and cross pollinate with business.


He is drawn to the field of fashion photography, where he feels there is a constant hunger and need for innovation and search for new expressions. Pop­ culture with all it’s facets plays an important role in his universe, be it film, design, the “business” itself, new digital media, new technology and so on.


Thriving on the ephemeral and fleeting aspects of this sometimes fickle environment he tries to turn these “limitations” into opportunities. 


“Edgy Elegant” is a look that Per Zennström is aspiring to which means a dose of classic fashion photography + a twist to give the edge. ​”If the girls look beautiful you can do almost anything after that”.


Per spent his assistant years in NYC, after that he went on to start his career in Paris where he lived and worked for 13 years. 


Currently based in the urban art­ capital – Berlin, where he thrives on the unique atmosphere ­ a unique blend of start­-up mentality contrasting with a healthy pinch of counter-­culture.


Per has launched a successful blog ​10horses​ and is also the publisher of the online, pop­ cultural magazine ​11horses​ and is also sought after as a vibrant and ​enthusiastic speaker/teacher​


As of 2015 Per is also active as the creative director of the New York & Berlin based creative agency ​Kulturspace.

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