"The retouching portion was top notch. I learned alot of new techniques from David that are already making my life considerably better and for that I am GRATEFUL!"

Dana Pennington
Seminar Student '09

"David rocked the retouching portion of the seminar with his mind blowing photoshop mastery. All in all, I was very pleased!"

Greg Neighbors
Seminar Student '10

"David, you helped me understand the Dodge and Burn process a lot more than any other articles and videos. You are a MAD MAN with the Wacom!"

Tony C
Seminar Student '09


Fashion Retouching can be a daunting task! From learning how to navigate Photoshop to scouring the internet for "Inside Industry secrets", you can eventually find yourself at a place of total confusion. That's why I'm here! To take all of the mystery out of the "secrets". I'll unravel the complexities and finally answer all those burning questions you have been dying to ask. I too was once at the same place you are now. Stuck. Confused. Purchasing Plug-in after Plug-in, reading numerous online tutorials, trying to find the answers. It wasn't until I took some initiative and became an intern at one of the top retouching houses in the world that I finally understood what Fashion Retouching REALLY was all about. So here I am! Finally ready to share with you some of the most valuable knowledge you will EVER learn about Fashion Photography Retouching. The techniques I have learned are meant to be simple yet effective.

This 1 and 2 Day Private workshop is meant to be specifically catered to your individual skill level. Any and all skill levels are accepted. From beginner to advanced. After 2 days of working with me, I can guarantee you will be able to tackle any retouching task with much greater ease. I will guide you through my workflow. We will tackle every tool I work with step-by-step and you will learn what tools I use for a specific task. I will then show you how to train your eye to gain an understanding of what to leave-in and what to take-out of an image. Letting you become the judge and gain a better knowledge and understanding of what high-end advertisers and magazine editors are looking for. I will teach you NON-DESTRUCTIVE techniques that will improve the quality of your image output while also creating flawless photographs that are ready to print.

  • Non-Destructive
    Learn how to use Photoshop correctly without degradating the quality of your images
  • A Tool for Every Task
    The correct way to use specific tools in photoshop and when to use them.
  • Train Your Eye
    Learn how to assess an image by knowing what high-end fashion editors are looking for.
  • 1-On-1 Training
    From beginner to advanced. Catered to your skill level.
  • Exclusive Techniques
    Learn some of the most coveted techniques in the industry that you can't find anywhere else!

About David Skyler

David Skyler has been a professional retouch artist for over 5 years. He spent 3 years working at one of the top Post-Production Houses in the world. Where he got the chance to learn some of the most coveted retouching techniques in the industry. Aside from his freelancing jobs he has also been Melissa Rodwell's exclusive Retouch Artist for the past 4 years and is the designer and creator of the fashionphotographyblog.com.

A Short List of His Clients Include:
Biotherm Vogue Barneys New York
Dell Computers Philosophy Interview Magazine
Genlux Flaunt Douglas Little

What is Non-Destructive Retouching and Why should I learn it?
Non-Destructive Retouching is working with a very fine tooth comb and using tested techniques toensure you don't degredate the quality of your images and are careful to keep every pixel intact. Over the years and because of the "Digital Age", the photography industry has been inundated with quick, easy, fast, techniques/plug-ins to enhance an image without ever taking into account the integrity of the photograph. When you use these techniques, you can very easily start to blur, distort, and damage the quality of your images.

These methods become easily noticeable to a trained eye and are almost impossible to print without some level in loss of quality. Because of mis-information, these techniques are becoming very popular among the new generation of digital photographers. What people seem to forget is that before "Photoshop" and Digital Photography ever existed, there was only way one way to do things, "Get it in the Camera". Now that we have these tools, art directors, agencies, and clients expect an even higher caliber of work and flawless output for photographs. BUT, with one thing in mind, they still want the images to look as if they where taken "Directly From the Camera". The ONLY way to reproduce this effect is to work non-destructively when retouching your photographs.

David has learned that High-End advertising and Fashion Publications EXPECT this as an industry standard to be maintained in your images. When you learn how to work NON-DESTRUCTIVELY you will gain that "X-Factor" that potential clients are looking for and you will open up a whole new level of possibilities when working to create Stunning images using Post Production Techniques

One of the Most Coveted Secrets of the Industry; Revealed
The origin of the Dodge and Burn Technique dates back to before photoshop ever existed and is the quintessential tool in every professional retouch artists arsenal. With Dodge and Burn, you can work "Non-Destructively" to correct almost anything on an image. From re-creating and smoothing out shadows to de-wrinkling clothing and erasing blemishes without jeopordizing even a single pixel. The technique can vary widely and although some may tell you it is a "Well Known" method. Most techniques only touch the "Surface" of its true power in creating flawless images. Thats why we say "You have to see it, to Believe it!"

Stretch, Slim, Scale, Re-Shape and More.
Liquify is the most common tool used in photoshop for Reshaping and Slmming down a Models Figure; their waist, hips, face, etc. But did you know that 9 times out of 10 people have little to no knowledge about the other and sometimes better technique known as the "Warp" tool? Most people have no idea how to use these tools correctly and which one to use in a certain situation. David will open your eyes to new techniques to accomplish virtually any Re-shaping task you may have. Knowing how to use these tools correctly, you will finally have the right knowledge to accomplish any shaping task without jeopordizing the quality of your image.

Other Things you will Learn...
Utilizing the idea that there are only 4 tools that you need to know how to use correctly to achieve great results when retouching your images; David Believes he can effectively teach you some of the most important tools in a short amount of time so that you can start adding them into your workflow immediately. David will also be teaching how to correctly use the Healing Brush and Clone tools. As well as a quick introduction on Camera RAW and how to get the best quality and exposure out of your image before you start retouching. You will also gain tips on finalizing your image for print/media output and Color Correction. Industry Standards and Techniques. All of the techniques are meant to be simple yet effective.